Valentine's 2k10: Part II

Part II: The Food Edition

LOVED this cute idea from Eating is Art-- she decortated this box and filled it with things she loved about her husband and things he loves.  (Recipes included in the link too.)

For the non-sweet-toothers*, a cheese and fruit plate with calimyra figs.  Did you know they look like hearts when cut length-ways? 

Click the jump for more edible treats...

I don't know how you manage to cut a heart out of the middle of a marshmallow, but it's a great idea.

Like a rice krispie treat but with cheerios? 



(Yes I know I JUST posted a poster with this phrase, but helloww, it's hilarious, and I liked this print too.  Is this going to become the next "Keep Calm & Carry On" (the last print to become ubiquitous in the design blog world) ?)

1: the adorable box of sweets from Eating is Art  via Frolic.  Good thing I have a blog now, this has been bookmarked for a year now!!
2, 3, 5: Martha Stewart
4: can't remember, sorry!
6: cookies available from etsy baker Short and Sweet
7: from Rar Rar Press (love their stuff, check it out)


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