It all started with this kitchen...

I love this kitchen.  That sink is what got me first, and then the perfect paint color, marble counter, and molding detail as the backsplash. 

So then I looked up the firm who did it, Roman and Williams, and based on this kitchen, you'd never guess the other stuff they've done. 

First, the Ace Hotel in New York! 

I'd wondered when I was there who had designed it, but failed to look it up later, so it felt totally random that I would discover it via hunting more from the designers of that kitchen, which could not be more different in style from this hotel.

I'm sure this hotel design is being hated on as being hipster, and I will say that when I was there, I equally loved everything around me and simultaneously felt like it was going to feel so "over" in just a couple of years.  

However, after seeing this firm's whole portfolio, I can honestly say that I think they are extremely fluent in many styles and all aspects of design and architecture, which makes me think (hope?) they even gave this pretty trendy spot enough legitimate design roots to have some staying power... I guess only time will tell.

By the way, around happy hour time, this entire lobby is dimly lit and PACKED with people meeting friends for drinks.  I mean packed.
The front desk.

More after the jump...


Their design also included stumptown coffee at the front of the lobby... 
which they said was modeled after 1940s-60s Milanese architecture and industrial style.  ...Odd that I was just posting those Italian fixtures from the same period.  I guess my trend radar should be going off, but again, I still love it!

And the ultra-cool Breslin Bar & Dining Room...


(I love when designers publish their sketches!) 


Don't worry, I'm going to post the rest of their portfolio soon.  Lots more looks to come.  I devoured the whole thing...

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