Mann Takes it to the Wall

Charlotte Mann gives a new meaning to "mural," as well as to "pen and ink drawing." She takes her pen and ink directly to the wall, and makes a mural not depicting some unrelated subject matter, but rather, an imaginary version of what the wall could look like, or what the rest of the room could look like were there not a wall right there.

(Click for a larger image.) For a Peter Jensen show, she created this backdrop using all images from Tina Barney's photographs. According to her website, every detail, down to a cigarette pack, can be found in Barney's book Theatre of Manners. Do check out Tina Barney as well, her photographs documenting her family and friends' lives is fascinating.

This room literally had a desk and a file cabinet and nothing else. She created quite a little world in ink! Love the details.. the barcelona chair, the Chanel book, the model helicopter...

PS- Yes, that is a Lil' Jon reference in the title.

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