Keep the Holidays Coming...

Early spring is usually thought of as a dry patch for holidays... Christmas/New Year's is over, and Easter and Memorial Day are barely visible on the horizon.  But this year, we got a highly fortunate triumverate of holidays to break things up, and I for one, am not failing to appreciate it.

This is epic.  We just had Feb 14: Valentine's Day, Feb 15: President's Day, and now Feb 16: Mardi Gras begins!  Though President's Day isn't an excuse for any particular yummy food, it did allow time to regroup and think about yummy foods to make during Mardi Gras.  Haha, just kidding.  ...Sort of... click jump for more. 

I do love seasonal and holiday-oriented eating, and what better excuse than Mardi Gras to try my hand at beignets?  With the legendary Huey's now closed in Atlanta, I haven't had a beignet since a New Orleans trip in 2008 ...and that's far too long.  

I plan to try this recipe by Paula Deen... doesn't it seem like she'd have a good one?  She seems to be a master of anything involving frying.

photo at top from here and at bottom from Paula Deen

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