Maybe it's from living in New York, but I have a near obsession with clever ways to live in small spaces, and I think there are tips to be found everywhere from boats to urban Asian dwellings like this one...

With quite a different style and approach to The Zach (store everything in plain sight and style it so it looks good), this guy in Hong Kong uses movable walls to create up to TWENTY-FOUR different rooms within his 330 square foot apartment.

Though not really my style, this is so incredibly clever. Above, pushing the bed up against the wall for daytime. 

He manages to get a full-sized bathtub into this space, but he doesn't fail to make use of the empty space above-- there is a fold-down bed for guests that covers the tub.

Watch the video tour here in which he demonstrates how all the walls move-- you can skip the intro about Hong Kong and start at 1:15.  Make sure to catch the kitchen behind the TV and the screening room at the end.

Though most of this is too high-tech to apply in your own home, there are still some good (and age-old) ideas for small spaces, like mirrored and reflective surfaces to increase the light and make things feel more open.

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