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This new book, about how to be a classy "extremely modern" lady, by Derek Blasberg looks incredibly entertaining.  Blasberg, who only graduated from NYU (That's right!  Making the alma mater proud..) in 2004, is now Senior Fashion News Editor for V Magazine and also writes routinely for Vogue and other magazines. 


Not your typical etiquette book, it includes sassy commentary and well-designed magazine-like pages like this one above, illustrating how to be a lady when travelling.  

(Click the pages below for the large-enough-to-read version... it seems he and I have similar pet peeves about people not dressing to impress when travelling!  And, he makes a very very good point I hadn't considered... Why not dress well to travel when "the venue is teeming with single men"?)




A helpful manual on how to spot good boys and gay boys.  My dear friend Ali will attest that on the West Coast, this can be helpful, as apparently out here, the gay boys themselves don't always know they're gay. 


And finally, a checklist to see whether you dress like a tramp.


Available here on April 6.

via Refinery29

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