Valentines 2k10: Part I

Part I: Loving Love

Despite the dreaded "commercialization" of holidays, I love Valentine's Day.  I do.  I can't help it.  If you look past the Hallmark-y overload, Valentine's is an excuse to creatively express sweet sentiments with abandon-- what's not to love? 



1: window display at The Booksmith via Design*Sponge
2 and 3:  le love
4: chez sucre chez
5: etsy store Neither Snow
6: Martha Stewart
7: cute postcards and prints - rar rar press
8: illustrator Brian Rea
9: unknown
10: Martha Stewart
11: the wife of this cutie on Garance sewed this heart into his cuff-- love it!

PS- Anna, it was about the cutest thing yesterday when you didn't have time to chat because you were toiling away on your valentines.  I still remember the ones I'd always get from you in school, and actually recently found a few in a shoebox at home...

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  1. I spent a hour I didn't have gluing Conversation hearts on a Valentine's day box in a very methodical and yet aesthetically pleasing distribution, and I didn't even get 1st place for best Valentine's day box at the party. Or runner-up, or second runner-up. I appreciate your homage to beautiful Valentine's day things, and I want you to know that I notice how methodical and yet aesthetically pleasing your pictures are. And I like them very much.


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