Judge it by the Cover

I absolutely do judge food products by their packaging, and here are a few recent favorites.

Chocolates designed by Sonia Rykel for Laduree. Feminine, stylish, luxe chocolates for the discerning, dare I say snobbish, chocoholic. Three-color illustrations on packaging always works for me.

I love French Bulldogs, and I love Laduree (for their macarons, but I'm not diametrically opposed to these truffles), so naturally, this box does it for me. Also how funny is it that they made a French Bulldog look fancy(ish)? I would name her Scarlett.

Particularly like the handwritten (looking) labels (and the sketches on the rosemary!) for Jamie Oliver's JME line.

Maybe things just look better in bunches, but I love this shot of St. Helena Olive Oil Co.'s olive oil bottles. Actually, generally anything made with craft paper and/or resembling a luggage tag is right in my book.

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Wonderfully simple homemade packaging by BBBCraft, via Design*Sponge. The look perfectly matches the product -- it just oozes feelings of health, comfort, and simplicity.

Pork rinds made cool in a classy wrapper* from Cochon. via this NYT article.
*Craft paper does it again.

Clever marketing by Access Agency, via CoolHunter. Fun play on high-low-- the Beverly Hills Hotel pink/white awning stripe + soft serve. But you know what I think is weird? At first I just thought they were inspired by the BHH stripe, but Paul Smith's logo font is almost identical to Beverly Hills Hotel's font... maybe that's why the iconic pink/white stripe seems so fitting?? Maybe that's where Access Agency got the idea? I mean the stripe + font is basically the whole BHH identity... wonder if it was intentional.

Finally, just a cheeky poster via Happy Lady Eats by Jane Lang.
...I was actually just thinking the other day when I heard the song from which this line comes (thank you, 50cent) about how this would make a funny Valentine...

PS, this is not going to win any kind of packaging design awards, but is this for real??

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  1. Boudroux's (?sp) is for real!! We used to have to give it to the football players for jock itch. It's a thick gray-ish paste. Apparently it works well. I wouldn't know personally though.


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