Cosmic Overlap

I really liked the light fixture in Gjeline (next post), and was wondering who might sell something like that and oddly enough I came home to an email from Diane telling me to check out this dealer, Obsolete, in Venice-- WHERE I WAS TODAY.  Gjeline is in Abbot Kinney, which is in Venice.  Weird, right??  So that was the first coincidence.

Then, I went on their website, and lo and behold, under their lighting section, there is a fixture so similar to the one from Gjeline!

Ok, so it's a dealer in the same place as the restaurant I liked, with the same kind of fixture that I saw there... I'm thinking this is more than coincidence...  Maybe that's where Gjeline got theirs?  And actually, they might have gotten like all their tables and chairs from this place, all of Obsolete's stuff looks reminiscent of the restaurant.

But the crazy coincidence is that Diane, who is in Atlanta, and didn't know I was going to be in Venice or that I would really like this industrial fixture (and the whole look of the restaurant), told me to check them out. 

Lots of cool stuff in their inventory...

Like this staircase architectural model.  I have an absolute thing for these.  I love them.  They are on the lustlist. 

These two above are from France, early 20th c.

This one is an architect's model for a complicated top to a building.  Also France, early 20th c.

Cool desk lamp!  Like the caged bulb.  America, 1940s.

Italy, 1930-1940s.

I love this!!  It's a collection of 28 horns for sale.  As a set.  Brilliant.  Italy, circa 1890-1910.  Wouldn't this be cool displayed on a wall of a restaurant? 

And one last item of interest, an American military daypack from the 1930s.  Simple perfection as far as these kind of backpacks go-- a totally worn canvas with leather details and olive green straps.

More from Obsolete, here.

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