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With most of the country snowed in, wintry rooms have been on my mind, and it's brought to mind one of the things on my life LustList: having a fireplace in the kitchen.

It seems like a no-brainer, why wouldn't you want a fireplace in your kitchen, but apparently it's pretty rare.  In all the images of kitchens I have saved on my computer (572 of them), there are only THREE with fireplaces (I save them when I find them)!

My sister actually has a fireplace in her kitchen, and I think it's so wonderful on a cold night, when it gets dark early, to be in there cooking and hanging out with the wood crackling in the background.

Love the rustic-meets-old-money feeling of this kitchen... it's actual form is pretty basic and definitely wasn't laid out by a "kitchen designer"-- it's a big rectangle with no island, it's not tricked out with built-in cabinets or a fancy sink, but it's packed with copper pots, subtly dressed up with a big oil painting in a gold frame, and finished off with a La Cornue range.

Doesn't it feel like it's in a house in the English countryside where you actually might cook something you'd literally hunted and gathered on the property that day?  While wearing your Barbour coat and wellies?  (Although I do have one major gripe with it.  Click the jump if you want to hear it, or don't if you'd rather just appreciate it for what it is.)

Kitchen at top from Domino Magazine (also love the painted wood floor in that one), unfortunately don't have the origin of these other two... I've had them in a folder forever!

Ok wwhhyyy did they paint the ceiling in between the beams bright white???  Why?  And why the pin lights in the ceiling?


  1. Sigh...my kitchen right now is so teensy tiny in our new house. The stove covers up half of the cabinetry. If only there were room for a fireplace. I love this idea. And love the LustList - what else is on it? PS - any ideas for where to find art like the art on the previous post for moderate price rather than the exorbitant pricetag that most likely accompanies that piece of gorgosity?

  2. Hey!! LustList will become a regular feature, there's more where that came from! Also, I'll start putting together a post on affordable art.. I have lots of sources bookmarked. Also maybe a post on small kitchens?


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