Hair Like a Present

Tavi and Jane Aldridge are pretty awesome, but they ain't got nothin on Augusta. Like one-name-only Tavi, I'm pretty sure Augusta will make a name for herself as just AUGUSTA. She's my sister's four year old daughter, and I can't get enough of her.

This morning, she did her hair "like a present" -- wrapped up in bows.

And she layered different striped components and tucked the shirt into the stretchy body-con-esque skirt. Like the outfits, the hair, and the makeup, the poses are all her. She needs no instruction.

Last Thursday, for school, she borrowed a shirt from her mom's friend, Monica, to wear as a dress, which she belted, natch. Over a crochet tank (seen peeking out above and below the shirt/dress). Plus short-sleeve sweater and jacket. She's all about the layering. This outfit necessitated a happenin side part and a little eye makeup.

Feelin a little boho/bag lady/country for school on Tuesday, with an attitude to match. No accessory was left unconsidered in completing the effect.

Lady Gaga, are you paying attention? This is how you do the no-pants thing. Just pretend you are wearing normal pants, and wear a classy button-up with the collar popped, then tuck it into some crazy layers on the bottom. Girlfriend knows how to work some boots.

Here, we see the little sweater (over a hoodie) and pink cowgirl boots again, but today she's feeling a little street, a little sassy, ultra girly, for a sort of overall Dukes of Hazzard (J. Simpson version) meets Bring it On feel.

Now if you'll excuse her, she has somewhere to be.

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