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While I'm on this winter/fireplace kick, here are a few more from the files... this time, truly vast fireplaces.  While not always the right look, when they're good, they're great.  A fireplace so vast you could theoretically walk right into it, or roast a lamb on spit in it*, makes you feel warm and cozy just looking at it. 

From the Mulberry Home book.  (I actually work with the woman who started Mulberry Home!  Hi Jill!  Also, incidentally, Jill's wonderful old home in England is one of the most cozy I've ever been in.)

 The home of Laudomia Pucci, with a 16th century fireplace.

(Can't remember where this scan came from.)
Image at top from the incredible, game-changing Lonny Magazine.

*(Vegetarians avert your eyes.)  I've had this (in my opinion wonderful) image stuck in my brain since a trip to Patagonia, wherein, after a freezing cold rafting trip, we got out of the river and went up to a lodge where we got out of our wetsuits, and there was a fireplace so big that I literally stood inside it to take off my wetsuit.  Only after warming up enough to regain full awareness of my surroundings did I notice there actually WAS a lamb roasting next to me.  So cool.  Then we sat by the river at a huge table and ate it with empanadas.  

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