Bon Voyage

Doesn't this make traveling look stylish?  Like it used to be?  Back in those good old days I like to talk about that I didn't live through? 

So maybe she's on a private plane and she had hair and makeup people because this is actually a photo shoot and not real life, but leave that out and she's still heads above the rest because there's not an Ugg or sweatpant (#petpeeve) in sight.

I'm not saying you have to look like this babe while traveling, but I don't think it's even passable to stoop to the ugliness of airports and airplanes and dress so dismally to fly.  Let's start a movement to resurrect the era when airtravel was posh.

Flavia de Oliveira shot by Fabio Bartelt -- it was an editorial, so not all one designer, but I don't even know what magazine it was for... sorry!

via Maison Chaplin

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