The Highest Form of Flattery

This has given me a wonderful idea... I fully intend to copy this wine label journal concept and expand upon it.

This is a wine journal of the Harkness family in Germany in the 1970s.  

I love the idea of doing this, but adding notes about who drank it with you, what the occasion was, where you were, what you talked about, etc., as I like it more for the idea of using the wine labels more as a ledger of memories than as a record of what I've drinken....

Can't wait to start!*  

*(To my friends reading this, I call dibs on labels when we're together!)

From a very cool book on scrapbook history in America (that I'm dying for!).


  1. I guess this means we aren't going to buy cases of Charles Shaw anymore? ... just kidding. Love this idea!

  2. No we're definitely still drinking Charles Shaw... it will be fun in twenty years when we actually drink nice wine to look back on pages and pages of Charles Shaw labels...


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