Valentine's 2k10: Finally Here

And Augusta was excited about it!!



We woke up this morning and ate Jelly Beans, applied her heart tattoo, picked out her outfit, and had a dance party ...all before breakfast.

As if that weren't enough to make my Valentine's Day, it was made even more wonderful by a surprise apartment-cleaning and cupcakes from Kyle...


... lovely flowers delivered to my door from my sweet sister...

...and a gift from Mom, with this message... does she know my style or what??  The story makes it:

"I found it in the best old-fashioned hardware and all-country-needs supply store I have ever been in on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands last fall.  It was called Smith Mercantile Store. ... The woman [who owns the store] and her husband live a very simple life on the island raising all their own food and homeschooling their kids. You would have loved the store."

Thank you!!!  xoxo

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's too.

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