Listening To: "Jolene"

"Jolene" - Originally by Dolly Parton, above, the song has been covered by over thirty singers since she wrote it.  According to an interview with Parton, the song was written about a tall red-headed bank teller that flirted with her husband too much, and who "must've been six feet tall" and had everything that "some short sawed-off little honky like [her]" didn't.  The name, however, came from a little girl she met after a show, and she just liked her name.

Apparently, Jack White did too.  He said he was drawn to the "J" sound and it's slightly accusatory sound due to the associations with the name "Jezebel," as well as the haunting melody of the song.  The White Stripes version, which takes the haunting aspect to a new level, below.  The first time I heard the White Stripes version, I thought it was creepy, but I warn you, it will get stuck in your head and come to mind at random times for years to come. 

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