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Paule Marrot

 Marrot (1902-1987) was a French painter-turned-textile designer whose work was influenced by Renoir and Raoul Dufy, both of whom she met, as well as Marcel Proust.  Her work was beloved by such tastemakers as Billy Baldwin, the British Royal family, and Jackie Kennedy, who based a whole room in the White House off of one of her prints.

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Now, Natural Curiosities has obtained her textile archive and the rights to produce prints of them, and they're quite wonderfully large!  All ranging around 3 1/2' x 4 1/2'.  Definitely wouldn't mind one (or a few) of these hanging in my apartment...there's quite a range of styles, and I think each one would have a great impact on a room. 

I actually just thought to myself, "Wow, there's such a nice range of designs and colors, these are like the perfect kind of art to decorate with!" ...I guess that's why they were made into fabrics, ie, art you literally decorate with.  Ha. 

In the kitchen? 


All print images from Natural Curiosities, bio photo from here.
Thank you to Diane for telling me to check her out!  I love her!

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