"TeuxDeux: A new, designy, simple TO-DO app"

I LOVE this to-do browser app.  It is exactly what is says - simple and designy, which makes sense, as it was designed by Swiss Miss (the blogger, not the hot chocolate).  It's a per-week view, which I love, and after you type in to-do items, you can cross them off or move them to another day.  I even love the name, my to-dos seem friendlier and more appealing as teux-deuxs. 

There's also the "someday" list that hovers at the bottom, which is brilliant b/c I always have those kinds of things and usually forget about them as they linger on days gone by in my planner.

If you set it as your home page, you are confronted with your to-dos every time you open your browser!

TeuxDeux here.

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