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...And so my fascination with the Spades continues.  

Just stumbled across Partners & Spade, apparently another company of Andy and Kate Spade, though it's difficult to figure out exactly what it is/does or the exact structure.  There's a storefront, which as far as I can gather is a collection of things Andy Spade thinks is cool, with a sort of cheeky twist.  Given the credibility the Spades' taste has achieved, I'd say that's probably a viable business model.  And, given the profitability that has resulted from this credibility, I'd say he's got room to risk the cheeky twist.

Best Made Co.'s handmade-in-New York axes.  Apparently, nice axes are becoming a thing.  The point is lost on me, but I will say I like the paint job on this number.

Maybe the most humorous item in the range, a burglary kit-- everything one needs to burgle, all in a cool rucksack.

I approve, Andy, I think cartography is cool too.

Here's what I really like... Apparently they host events and "exhibits" at the store, like this one:

And this one...

And this one...

Cheeky is the perfect word, right?  Love the idea of having events like this at the store.  Seems like Andy has a lot of fun with this project...

What I didn't realize, was that Partners & Spade's "studio," which seems to be an outlet for co-branding on outside projects, collaborated on the design J. Crew's Men's Store.  By which I mean, I didn't realize the Spades were in any way involved with J. Crew, or more specifically the Men's Store, until I discovered the existence of Partners & Spade.  The coming together of two major tastemakers...

And so the Spades continue to conquer the world...


  1. my sister introduced me to your blog this morning and i must tell you that it is amazing!!! you now have a new regular =)

  2. Thanks so much Lizzie!! Looks like you've got a great blog going yourself... glad to have found it!


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