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I love chalk paint walls.  Beyond their practical use, I love two very specific things about them.

I love a highly pigmented matte paint, and chalkboard paint has exactly that quality.

Secondly, I love handwriting, so the fact that having a chalkboard adds handwriting as a major component to a room is pretty cool.  

Don't you love it when you walk into a restaurant and the menu is written on a chalkboard?  That always seems like a signal to me that I'm going to like what's about to happen.  It just makes the whole experience feel a little more intimate and personal. 

Above, in a modern setting, it looks perfectly clean and contemporary, while below, in a more bohemian room, when covered in tear sheets and lots of eraser marks, it looks casual and artsy.  (Also, brilliant way to allow kids to write on the wall.  Oh, and I love the shelf that goes above the door in the photo above.)

I think it actually gets even more appealing after lots of erasing has occurred and it has those milky swaths and swirls criss-crossing it, but it can also have a really graphic quality if kept clean and dark like the image below.  

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This person takes the practical usage very seriously.

I think these two are actually paintings, but I kind of like the idea of hanging a giant chalk paint-covered canvas or board on your wall, as though it's art, and then people can write and draw on it and it would continuously change. 

It could even take on a very Cy Twombly-esque appearance, like this one below...

Chalk paint available here, or here's a spray-paint version (never tried this), and you can use these to get any color you want.

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