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This book, Iran, by Inge Morath, as featured by the NYT T Magazine, looks so fascinating.  Morath, an Austrian-born photographer who later married playwright Arthur Miller, was sent by Holiday Magazine to capture images of Iran in 1956, putting her in the country at a peaceful time between the 1953 coup and the 1979 Revolution. 

 Though she was instructed by Holiday to capture two largely predictable themes-- mosques and Persian rugs-- she delved much deeper than that and captured everything from the ruins of Persepolis, to the Shah celebrating the new year, to children at work.  The resulting photos give a rare glimpse into the country at peace. 

Love this, from the NYT Magazine: "As “Reading Lolita in Tehran” author Azar Nafisi says in an essay about Morath’s work, 'In some of Morath’s photographs I felt that there was an affinity between that feeling of being overwhelmed by a past that is so huge and a present that is evasive and inaccessible.'"

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Makes me so curious to know more about Iran, both then and now... seems like all we usually see is very one-dimensional view of a country so rich with history, culture, and beauty.

From the NYT T Magazine, article here.
Book available on Amazon here.

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