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It's official.  I'm a freak for pretty luggage.  I already knew that I liked beautiful luggage (old and new), but when I came across D'Aosta D'Aosta's luggage and had an actual visceral reaction to the corner details, the nailheads, the straps with buckles, etc., I realized that my response to leather suitcases and trunks might not be normal.

The other clue that my love for luggage might be tipping towards obsession is that fact that luggage is that kind of thing you really don't need a lot of.  When you travel, you can really only bring one or two pieces-- one to check, and one to carry on.  And it's not even smart to check a nice piece of luggage, since it's like a big target on your luggage for thiefish baggage handlers and it will probably get destroyed on its first trip ever anyway.  Conclusion: one nice carry-on is really enough.  

So here's the freakish part.  I already have a leather suitcase that I'm in love with, and yet, every time I see stuff like this, I actually consider whether I should ask for it for my next birthday/Christmas/can-you-ask-for-presents-for-4th of July (?).  Even though I have NO need for it.

Luckily, there's an excellent loophole to this law of limited justifiable demand for luggage.  Suitcases and trunks look sharp as decor accents and also function as storage!  Perfect excuse for me to collect more luggage than I could ever take with me on a trip...

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  1. I came across your blog while looking for a review of the d’Aosta Luggage above. Did you actually buy any of these pieces? They look nice and well made but I'm hoping to get an opinion from someone who's seen them first hand.


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