Milk Paint

Have you ever heard of Milk Paint?  I just discovered it and am now obsessed.  

It was created to be used as a paint for restoring antique furniture, so the colors are based on the colors used historically for both walls and furniture, and it has a totally flat finish.  While I do love a good lacquered wall, on the other hand, I love paint with really rich pigment and a totally flat finish.  Milk Paint actually comes as a pure pigment-- in powder form-- in a little brown bag and you mix it with water.

There are only 20 colors, which I think is brilliant, a la Farrow & Ball, because it means both that all the colors are good and that they all go well with each other.  You can then mix any one of them with white to get other tints.

You can also mix it with a bonding agent they make and then it apparently will adhere to even non-porous surfaces, which for diy-furniture makeover types, is awesome. 

And it's self-priming, which is such a plus.

AND, as a bonus, it's inherently totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  All in all, pretty great product.

Website here.

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