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 I've always loved outdoor showers, and seeing this article in Travel + Leisure about the "world's sexiest hotel showers" has had me thinking about them recently.  Out of the fifteen showers T+L selected, only a few were outdoors!  I couldn't believe it.  I think an outdoor shower is one of the best bathroom-upgrades a house or hotel room could have... There's just not much better than taking a shower under the blue sky (or stars) with a breeze grazing your skin.

At top, the Sossuvlei Desert Lodge in Namibia.  Above, Cocoa Island, Maldives.

 The article reminded me of a hotel I stayed at in Merida, Mexico, in the Yucatan, called Rosas y Xocolate on a work trip in the fall. My absolute favorite thing about my room was the giant outdoor stone bathtub seperated from the rest of the bathroom by only a large glass door.  The image below is from another room in the hotel, but shows the concept.  The outdoor space around the bathtub is actually quite large, so you didn't feel too closed in. 

Another hotel we stayed at in the Yucatan, Hacienda San Jose, also had outdoor bath tubs, but with a much different feel.  While Rosas y Xocolate is urban, hip, and modern, Hacienda San Jose is jungle-y, exotic, and ancient feeling.

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