If you like Andy Goldsworthy >> Arte Sella

Like Andy Goldsworthy, the artists taking part in Arte Sella create their works on site using materials from the area, which in this case happens to be a forest outside of Padua, Italy.

However, unlike Andy Goldsworthy's art, and most earth art really, where all you see as the viewer are the resulting photographs of the work, with Arte Sella, all of the artists are brought to one location to create their pieces, so you get to wander the forest and see the works in the environment where they were created.  Pretty cool concept.

One of my favorite experiences ever was the Venice Biennale, for the adventure of wandering the city and the gardens, in and out of buildings, looking at art, and I think this would be a similar experience-- except in the woods, and with art created from and for the woods. 

Not to say that one would be better than the other, but just another experience in any way like the Venice Biennale is definitely on my list of things to do.

Arte Sella website here.

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