Back to It's Compicated for a minute...

I didn't include the bakery from It's Complicated in the post about Meryl Streep's character's house, and it's seriously wonderful, so I thought I'd go back to it for a minute...

Based on Dean & Deluca, it has that wonderful fail-proof aesthetic...  Chalkboards, marble counters, shaker cabinets, warm neutral palette, hand-written signs on everything, baskets of breads and pastries and produce... to die for.

The bakery at night...

Loved that they made chocolate croissants on their date... so cute.

Images courtesy of Universal Pictures


  1. Can you believe that I STILL haven't seen it? You're doing a marvelous job selling me on it, though! One of the veggie gardens we designed down south was supposed to be used for the movie but the owners changed their minds - we are kicking ourselves now! That veggie garden has gotten so much press!

  2. Oh my gosh that would have been amazing!

    And yes, you have to see it. I loved it through and through, not just for the interiors. Alec Baldwin is awesome, as usual!


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