Mast Brothers Chocolate

The Mast Brothers (who are actually brothers) do everything for their "American Craft Chocolate," from bean to packaging, at their Brooklyn "factory"-- a model not often seen in the chocolate industry.  And, there is no sugar or cocoa butter added-- the chocolate is purely what comes directly from the beans they grind and melt.

As such, their product has a great story, and I also happen to love their packaging and the look of their storefront/factory!

I love the combo of the beautifullly patterned and retro looking papers with the incredibly simple logo and modern font.  And it's awesome that their logo is a mast that also sort of looks like a crown, and the hand-drawn quality lends a homemade feel to the product and keeps it from looking like they take themselves too seriously.

Click through for more photos and a behind-the-scenes video at their Brooklyn storefront/factory...

The combo of brick, wood beams, maps, grain sacks, chalk board, and industrial equipment is pretty awesome looking.  I think they nailed the aesthetic for their little operation.

And of course, since I love behind the scenes videos... a video about their story and process.  And you get to see what the brothers are like!

Mast Brothers website here.
Photos and questionnaire from The Selby
Chocolate available for sale online at Provisions.

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