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Artist Tara Donovan creates sculptural installations out of ordinary, often tiny, objects grouped together in mass.  The resulting pieces appear to be something like a topographical landscape, but with an element of movement and amorphism.

Above, an installation of all styrofoam cups.  Below, a detail shot of the cups.

This waxy looking looking wall covering is actually all...

...plastic straws!

This drip-castle like creation is...


Are you amazed yet?  I just can't imagine having the vision to start stacking up some buttons on your table or whatnot, and then thinking, I know, if I glue these together by the thousand, I can make a really cool landscape thing.

I like that this ameobic mass below is fairly unremarkable, until you realize what it's made of...

click the jump for the rest...

tape!!!  (Yes I'm amazed every time.)

A very short skyline made of...

Don't these little sea urchin creatures look like they're moving?

They're fishing line.  I don't want to think about how long those took to put together.

Tara Donovan is rep'd by Ace Gallery.  Here.

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