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This video about the hand-painted billboards on the sides of buildings in New York, and the people who paint them, has a really magical quality.  It sort of feels like when something starts with an image of the world from outer space and then zooms in and zooms in and zooms in and you finally land on one tiny detail on ground level... here the detail is the little world that revolves around the tiny and dying industry of hand-painted billboards.

It's one of those things you might stop to think about for a brief moment every once in a while-- "Who painted that?  How long did it take?"-- but then you never really get answers so your mind never wanders very far.  In this really well-done (love the cinematography and the editing) short sponsored by Stella (brilliant move), you get a close-up peak at this world that not only gives those answers, but also puts human faces to the signs that seem to magically appear around town.

If nothing else, watch the the thirty seconds at the end between  about 12:00 and 12:30... you miss out on the story but the visual is still awesome.

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