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I always think it's interesting to get a peak at the people behind the brands you love-- Jenna Lyons from J. Crew, Deborah Lloyd from Kate Spade, the couple from Obedient Sons & Daughters, Alexander Wang-- because for the more faceless brands, it's cool to see that there's a real live person behind the looks, and not just some kind of trend-tracking machine churning out the latest looks.  

Here, the Manhattan home of Monelle Totah, the Creative Director for William Sonoma Home. 


I personally think we are sort of in "The Era of the Creative Director."  Of course there have always been Creative Directors, but at larger mass consumer brands, the product lines were, in the past, more driven by strict pricing and merchandising formulas, and today, the Creative Director-as-muse concept has trickled down from high-end design brands to mass market brands, and the CD is given more importance.


Anyway, there's my little theory for the day, and I'll continue this look-at-people-behind-brands as a series.

What do you think of her home?  Does it fit with what you would expect from the woman behind WSHome?  


Personally, I feel like the rooms don't all totally jive with each other-- it's like each one has a slightly different personality.  

But I feel like that makes sense given her job and the fact that she is constantly thinking about new trends and collections, don't you think?  I feel like that would make it hard to pick only one style for your home.

Images via Habitually Chic

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