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File this one under >> extreme jealousy.  I die over this whole thing.

The couple behind EmersonMade (seen previously in one of the Valentine's posts) might have the cutest life ever.  Not to mention they might be the cutest couple ever.

I discovered this on design*sponge, who got the photos and interview, so all the copy in brackets is from there.  

[Ryan and Emerson moved from new york city to a seaside town in new hampshire two years ago. what was once a one-woman operation has grown into a full-scale business run out of a nearby historic mill.]

[We purchased the house about 2 years ago when we moved from NYC and we had to completely renovate it - it was a shambles when we got it! We wanted it to feel open, relaxing and inviting. The type of place that immediately puts guests at ease ... The floor was initially covered in a non-slip paint with sand bits in it. We had them stripped and found this old heart pine.]

[The fantastic sink was found on craigslist for a bargain price, and we had the butcher block built. We use it for all our food prep.  Ryan bought Emerson some initial pieces of ironstone for their anniversary and the collection just took off from there.]

I love the beadboard-backed open shelving ... and the butcher block .. and well, everything.

[photo above: We designed our pantry so that everything would be visible. We have mostly unrefined ingredients because we don’t eat sugar, flour and processed ingredients so we just line it all up in here and grab what we need.]

--I'm very impressed that they don't eat flour or sugar!!   And isn't that the most wonderful looking pantry you've ever seen??  I love everything organized into glass jars and no commercial labels in sight.

[photo above: This is where we eat! We wanted to be able to eat dinner next to the fire. It's open to the kitchen since that is where we spend most of our time. The table and chairs are from our collecting excursions. It sits 10-12 people comfortably.  We have those fold up chairs all over the house! if you want to have a party in the grass you can bring them outside! The chairs get around.]

[photo above: We built this fireplace with two things in mind, 1. That you could look straight into the fire, and 2. that you could have a place to sit next to the fire if you wanted. We incorporated all the original hardware from the previously non functioning fireplace so it looks like it did 130 year ago. The nautical map, on the mantle, charts the ocean from NYC to Maine - it traces our move from Manhattan to New Hampshire.]

[[photo above] This is our library. We have driven all over the Eastern seaboard picking stuff up. Everything in this picture, other than the sofa, are from our excursions.]

[photo above: Another view of the library! It is beautiful in there during the day because it is northern facing and gets no direct light. It glows with the reflection of the trees! The lamp is beaded chandelier with probably 30 little beautiful light bulbs.  when we turn it on at night look like little full moons behind the beads!]

[photo above: Laundry room sink and folding table. That rooms got lots of light! We got the sink from an old man who collected beautiful sinks in his barn way out in the woods! Emerson covered the old farm table with linen and padding to make it an ironing table. We make those little flag banners at EmersonMade and we have them all over the place!]

[photo above: We had to tidy up that beside table! Usually it is piled sky high with too many books about health, gardening and new projects! The books covered in kraft paper are Emerson's sketch and scheduling books for the EmersonMade line.]

I am not kidding I found that exact bed about two weeks ago at a closeout sale for $600.  I am kicking myself for not getting it.  ...and not just because I'll do anything to have my life resemble theirs.  Haha..

[photo: This is our front door which leads directly into kitchen area. Ryan's brother made the beautiful Emerson Farm sign.]

I love her style!  And I love that Ryan models for the line too.

I think they actually have a pet duck.  Or multiples, really, but one in particular is in their house on their blog!

Photos from design*sponge and EmersonMade website and blog.


  1. wow - that actually is the exact bed... I think you should go back and get it!

  2. i love everything about them! love seeing more of their home.



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