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Miu Miu

Artist Sarah Illenberger is a freelance 3-D illustrator, meaning, she creates 3-D designs to illustrate things for magazine editorials.  

There are no descriptions or captions on her website of what each design is, so I'm not entirely sure what these were for, but I'm assuming that she created these little faux notion kits as imaginary versions of what each of these designer's notion kit would look like if they had them. 

The incredible thing is, she really captures the essence of these 
fashion houses in these tiny made up kits!

Jil Sander 

The details say it all-- what the kit itself is made of and how it functions (snaps, rolls up, etc), how fancy or simple it is, how much stuff is in it, how organized or ad-hoc it is, and then the colors and textures of the actual bits inside. 

The more I look at these the more I'm amazed at how she captured and distilled the look 
of each house and the differences between them.  

Y-3 Adidas

Alexander McQueen


Sarah Illenberger here, discovered via Sight Unseen.

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