the milk man + the ice cream truck = something more than the sum of its parts

MilkMade, in Manhattan, has combined the concepts of the milk man and the ice cream truck, along with a lot of other great ideas, and is delivering their dessert delights to doorsteps in select neighborhoods in Manhattan.

MilkMade is a membership-based service, and members receive one flavor a month.


 Using ingredients from the local farmers' markets, MilkMade creates unique flavors, like Maple Pancake, Peanut Butter and Brown Sugar, and Chocolate Five Spice.  Each of the flavors is only made once, so each month is something new.

And of course I love the packaging with its simple brown craft paper and handwritten label.

MilkMade was started by this cute lady in her kitchen.

After finishing the first batch, she wrapped each one in twine (the icing on the packaging cake) and loaded them up in her cooler.

And then set out to deliver them to the first 50 members!

I'm rooting for this girl.  Mostly because I hope someday it will be a nationwide service so we can get some ice cream love out here in Cali. 

Images are stills taken from this video on Food, Curated.

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