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Oscar de la Renta at his home in Punta Cana

How awesome is this room?  It's just cool.  I like when I can imagine various outfits that would look good in a room, and this room would be perfect for everything from all white linen (Oscar's M.O. here), to a colorful Missoni weave, to just a bathing suit, to a long black dress.

I don't know when it was designed, and I can't even tell, which I think is awesome.  Like I can't even tell what decade.  And it's going to look good for so long. 

Pretty classy for a beach house, eh?

Love these shutters-- they totally make this little space.

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  1. only you, my lovely roomie, would love a room because of the outfits that you could wear to complement the design. so creative.


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