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I went through a major Basquiat obsession in about ninth grade, to the point that I actually burned out on him, but I just watched the trailer for this upcoming documentary on him, and I can't wait to see it!  ...I guess it's been long enough.

Also, if you haven't seen this Basquiat movie, you definitely should, despite the mixed critical response and slightly skewed portrayal of the artist.  It's still good.


Trailer via Curated.

The "guess the influence" game after the jump...


de Kooning

Francis Bacon

I don't think he ever actually talked about de Kooning or Bacon being influences, and maybe they weren't direct influences, but there are definitely some similarities in both their treatment of the human form and handling of paint, at least in the case of de Kooning.

Interesting to know that he was also heavily influenced by a copy of Gray's Anatomy that was given to him when he was born, and that that spurred his interest in mixing images of anatomy and text.

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