The Americans

I seem to be going in themes this week... yesterday, "golden age," and today, Americana. First L.L. Bean, and now this great exhibit...

Inspired by Robert Franks' "The Americans" project from the 1950s, which I saw and thoroughly enjoyed at the Met in the fall, Brit Jacob Perlmutter set out to create his own version of a photographic journal of America as it is today. 

He spent three months on the road, aiming to capture images that get beneath the surface of popular culture representations of the country, and these are the resulting photographs. 

As he said, ‘I went to America with a set of images in my head and came back with another in my hand.'

Aren't they amazing??  
They really do read as being so honest, with a photojournalistic quality to them.

All images from Jacob Perlmutter website.

Unfortunately for those of us stateside, the exhibit will be in London.  Hopefully it will come to the US at some point!  If not, I've got my eye on the catalogue from the exhibit...

Discovered via Curated.

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  1. Hi Wanderlust!

    Thanks for the piece on Jacob ....no plans for it going to america yet...but who knows!

    You can purchase one of the books though...


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