The Life & Times of Claude and Mary Tidd

Discovered on Secret Forts, the wonderfully inspiring "Life & Times of Claude and Mary Tidd." 

"Claude Tidd. Born in England, 1886. Left for the Yukon at age 24. 20 years as a Royal Mountie. Married Mary Ryder in 1925."

"Avid outdoorsman, photographer, musician, writer and film maker. Died in Dersingham, England, 1949. A frontier renaissance man. The real deal."

Doesn't their life together look unbelievable?  I love what a team seem to be, trekking around together on their adventures.

Makes me want to have to go on some adventures.  And to take great pictures while doing it!

"To read more on Claude and Mary, click HERE. To view more of Claude's photos from his life in the Yukon, click HERE."

  Secret Forts blog here.

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