Grow a Garden Anywhere

How cool are these "vertical gardens" by Patrick Blanc??

They can be grown anywhere, as they don't weigh very much (they don't use soil), and you can adjust the plant types depending on how much sunlight the area gets.

I personally want one just like this on my balcony...

What if half the sides of buildings in New York looked like this??  Not only would it completely change the feel of walking around the city, it would clean up the air SO much!!! 

Though Patrick Blanc's website claims he has the rights to the term "vertical garden," I've been seeing this concept, also called a "living wall," a lot recently.  Here's a smaller scale take on the idea...

This succulent garden is from Flora Grubb, and you can buy kits from them to make your own.

Here's another succelent version-- I think I like it better frameless, and with the plants in less of a grid-like looking formation...

These frames (would you call them frames or planters?) are pretty, and Sunset Magazine's website teaches you how to make them and links to supplier websites. 

Here's a great example of one used on an apartment balcony, from apartment therapy--

Is this one growing veggies?? That would be so cool.  Also from apt. therapy.

Wooly Pockets is a company that creates clever recycled-plastic containers ("pockets") for creating a garden just about anywhere... check out their website here.

Sunset Magazine's website has a feature on creative vertical gardens like this...



  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I am borderline obsessed with growing things vertically. We just got a wooly pocket and planted it with bright green ferns and white begonias and I think I look at it 50 times a day b/c it's so beautiful. I've been wanting to make my own grid of succulents (like Flora Grubb's) for some time, but after seeing these pictures, I'm re-inspired to get planting. Woohoo!!!

  2. I had a feeling you might like this post! Your wooly pocket sounds wonderful, I'd love to see it!! Let me know if you end up working on a succulent grid.. maybe we could both get supplies and make a Saturday out of it?


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