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I really love maps, of all kinds, practical maps on road trips, treasure maps, historical maps, fictional maps in books like The Hobbit, etc., and this type, from Style de Vie at the LA Mart, recently caught my eye.

Style de Vie has a collection of old French classroom maps, the kind that look like they are printed on thick, waxy canvas and could be pulled down from a roll-up mechanism.  The ones they have are from French colonial days, so the colors have aged and have this appealing nostalgic tone to them, as if they are lit with pink bulbs.

The font, outdated borders, total lack of topographical detail (sometimes historical maps have so many lines, and these are pleasingly simplistic and solid-colored), and French country names add extra appeal.

The Style de Vie ones, which are framed really nicely, are out of my price range, but I've added them to my LustList and am going to be on the lookout for them at fleamarkets... if you come across any, let me know!

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  1. I love too French vintage MAP and poster...
    I have a lage collectible , you can see it on my blog http://nicevintagefrance.blogspot.com


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