Now I am definitely on the antique trunk-as-decor bandwagon, I love the whole concept of steamer trunks-- trunks that you would pack for a long voyage with every possible necessity and luxury you could need organized into neat little compartments-- but this??  Really?? 

Restoration Hardware,  the kings of knocking off the current trends (see their other trunks, which are direct copies of Andrew Martin's cool repro steamer trunks), may have gotten a little overambitious on this one.

While I do like the concept of an office-in-a-box (it just seems so wonderfully organized), this is a bit ridiculous.  A trunk + an office in a box is just too much.  And seriously, would you ever close it?  It's essentially an entire room within a room, it would look absurdly gargantuan if you closed it!  Like an actual elephant in a room!

Restoration Hardware Mayfair trunk here.

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