Pimp My Ride

 Aren't these prefab tiny houses amazing?  Apparently there is a tiny house movement afoot.

I think if you pimped these out and decorated them, they could be so cool!


In fact, we like it so much that we want to start over on our current hotel project, which is a property that will have about fifteen cottages on it, ditch all the plans, and just use these!  Though maybe the luxury hotel-traveller wouldn't find them as amusing as we do.


You can buy the plans for a couple hundred dollars and build it yourelf for $15-20k, or buy it ready made for about $50k.

Click through for more interior shots...


Can you park these legally in NYC anywhere??  If you could, the side-by-side price per square foot comparison with other real estate would be amazing.

 For reference, by comparison, Ron's studio was about twice the square footage of these.  Most of these are 100-150sf.  


Tumbleweed Tiny House Co here.

See lots more tiny house stuff here.

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