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I read recently that it's like the early '90s all over again, with lots of young unemployed grads starting up independent magazines.  I think it's true, and it's cool!

I like that there are going to be not only fresh perspectives available on newstands (and online), but also fresh cover designs.  Ahhh, what a relief to see an artistic cover not covered in headlines and lots of different colors.

I'll be featuring new ones under this series "Fresh Pulp."

The latest, The Gentlewoman, is from the team behind Fantastic Man, and I am so excited that there is going to be a women's counterpart to one of these new outlets, as I've mentioned before I feel like there is a wealth of interesting new men's style blogs, magazines, and stores far outshining comparable women's options.  (My favorite example being the J. Crew men's store and Liquor Store being far cooler than the women's store.)

And guess who is on the cover of The Gentlewoman?  A CREATIVE DIRECTOR.  Phoebe Philo, CD of Celine.  How about that?

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