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I sat next to Rebecca Orlov, a contributor for Apartment Therapy LA, at an event at the Pacific Design Center last year, and she told me something fascinating. She said that two of the most searched terms on Apartment Therapy are "mirrored bedside tables" and "windowseat."

Apparently, those two things strike a chord with a lot of people. Have you noticed how some things just do that? Like certain antique cars-- there seem to be certain elements of design that just universally resonate with people.

And then we have the things that just totally resonate with ourselves. For me, Vespas and Mini Coopers. They are the perfection of transportation. My list could go on and on, there are certain things I obsess over like that, that I think are perfection in their respective category. I guess that's a lot of what this blog is about.

But anyway, one of those things for me are built-in bookshelves that wrap over doorways, sofas, windows, you name it. If it's a bookshelf, and it wraps up and over something, I like it. No, I love it.

I am in love with this bedroom. I don't know that I'd ever do my own bedroom so feminine, but I die over the wrap-around bookshelves. Duh, I know, but these are really awesome: they wrap around a corner. And a window, and a door. In fact they just envelope this whole bedroom. Imagine how basic this bedroom would have been without them-- just a little box. And I love how that one wall just gets a teeny bit at the top and how the books are stacked clear up to the beams. Love the deep salmon color, the oil painting, the plain vintage-looking linens, and the toile screen.

They wrap over a windowseat, that's extra points.

Moral of the story, if you're going to build in bookshelves, build them up and over something. Anything. Snug a sofa in underneath them, take them up and over a doorway, whatever. It will make the room ten times cozier.

Update: See Part II of this post here.

Top image from Atlanta Homes Magazine, 2nd is FPN via Cup of Joe, 5th is Charles Faudree, 6th is from Skona Hem via Desire to Inspire. Others are old scans and I don't remember where they're from!

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