Mix(ed) Tape

Rebecca Ward's installations made of tape and vinyl adhesive





I guess this is the type of work you can't really fly by the seat of your pants on, but I hadn't really imagined how much preparation and calculations would go into it until I saw some of her process drawings...


Finally, her current installation at the Kate Spade Tokyo store...



And lastly, a lot is reminding me of Sol LeWitt these days (sometimes you don't realize how brilliant someone or something is until later, when you realize how many things remind of them, like The Great Gatsby... it just keeps coming up forever in life, but you don't know that in 10th grade when you read it for the first time), but doesn't Ward's work remind you of some of this stuff? ...

Untitled Lithograph, 1992

Wavy Brushstroked Superimposed #4, 1995

Corner Piece No. 2, 2001

Rebecca Ward website here

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