I want to live here:

Here is the building those pretty house-warming invitations were based off of!
Designed by Arthur and Nina Zwebell, who designed many Spanish colonial mission-courtyard style buildings in LA, many of which are now historic landmarks.


According to the New York Times, "the apartments were commissioned in the 1920's by Cecil B. DeMille to house stage actors from New York whom he brought to Los Angeles when talking pictures arrived."

see more of their buildings after the jump...

Paper Love

I have a thing for stationery and paper products, and these might be the best house-warming invitations ever??

And a few more invites to love...



Pretty custom work by LA-based Paper Pastries.

LustList >> Nixon Watches

The Time Teller P

Nixon watches might be the coolest line of watches I've ever come across.  There's a huge variety of styles and each one comes in a bunch of colors. 

The P, above, comes in 19 colors, but the white is my fave. I've had white watches on my radar for a while, and I think Nixon nails the concept with their designs.  

The Kensington Leather

 The Ceramic

The Kensington (I do also love the big, plain-faced, gold look.)

Nixon watches, here.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I don't know how I haven't seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, but seeing this book and video about the making of it reconfirms for me the urgency with which I need to see it.  The set work seems amazing!

Seriously, a world created by the minds of Roald Dahl and Wes Anderson??  It's like a dream come true.  I'm feeling lamer by the minute for not having seen it yet. 

Apparently, Anderson lived in Dahl's house for a time while working on the film to take in everything he could, and then had his team carefully replicate tiny details for the set.  The miniatures in the video above are amazing!

..And how about this cute pink room and Dahl's sweet wife?  From the way she speaks about him in the little video it's clear how much she adored him and it's so touching!


Still Loving >> Vintage Suitcases as Decor

I'm not sure if this qualifies as an actual trend or just a personal fave, but either way, I'm definitely still loving it.

Above, from the home of Obedient Sons and Daughters couple Swaim and Christina Hutson, photographed by Todd Selby, posted on his blog The Selby.


Sometimes the line between trend and personal obsession is totally unclear for me, as I will have an obsession that I justify by making a mental note of every time I ever see it done, so to me, it starts to seem like it's everywhere, when in reality, it might just be because it's on my personal radar, ya know?

Then, this gets even more peculiar when I feel like I've seen something too many times and I hit my personal saturation point, and I feel like I'm over that obsession because then it seems like an overdone trend.  And all the while it might not have even been a real trend, I was just primed to seek out examples of it.

The two above are from the current issue Cottage Living magazine. Interestingly, I'd already written this post and saved it as a draft about three weeks before when I came across these images (thanks Ali!)-- so maybe it is a trend...

Finally, the apartment of Deborah Lloyd, the createive director of Kate Spade (is it possible to have a crush on a company?? Also, did you know Kate left the company in '07 and Lloyd has never even met her?).

I love not only the old suitcasees, but also pretty much everything else.  The art propped everywhere, the globes, the zebra touches, the hate box, even the pink.  And it's pretty brilliant that the pink is only on pillows, so if you got sick of the pink and switched out the pillows, the place would have a totally different feel.

The Highest Form of Flattery

This has given me a wonderful idea... I fully intend to copy this wine label journal concept and expand upon it.

This is a wine journal of the Harkness family in Germany in the 1970s.  

I love the idea of doing this, but adding notes about who drank it with you, what the occasion was, where you were, what you talked about, etc., as I like it more for the idea of using the wine labels more as a ledger of memories than as a record of what I've drinken....

Can't wait to start!*  

*(To my friends reading this, I call dibs on labels when we're together!)

From a very cool book on scrapbook history in America (that I'm dying for!).


As long as I don't have to eat it...

I am actually allergic to pork, so this is a bit of an odd post for me, but I am well-aware of the popularity of the current bacon-added-to-everything and I can fully appreciate, on a conceptual and aesthetic level, Paper Pastries' distillation of the trend.

A well-designed bacon-recipe book of 7 letterpressed recipes.  They must be good if they chose only 7.  A limited edition of only 13, each book is hand cut and bound.

Would make a great gift for a design-nerd bacon-lover!  Here.

Still Impressed By:


It's three year's later, and Ron's entry in Apartment Therapy's yearly Small Cool contest still pops into my head from time to time.  It is THREE HUNDRED square feet.  That's small y'all.  


But he manages to make it feel fresh and clean and not cramped!!

Notice all the uses of outlining/borders -- on the curtains, lampshades, bedspread, walls, door, even the black and white framed photos echo it... it makes everything feel crisp and tailored.  The consistent motif and limited palette is really working for him!



Something to Look Forward to >> Liberty of London for Target

Target's new capsule collection is by Liberty of London - gauranteed to be fun!
I personally have very high hopes for the dress on the model above...

To the Anthropologie home lovers out there-- I have a feeling these quilts are going to strike a chord with you!  (And be much easier on the wallet than an Antrho quilt..)


My interior design taste doesn't tend to lean too super feminine or floral, but tucking those boxes below in a bookshelf could add some fun punch.  I looked at their patterns closer up on the Target website, and they're really great! 

Debuting March 14

found via Note to Self
images from Target website and Real Simple blog

LustList >> Calling Cards

We've taken an epic amount of time designing our company's business cards, and I've been thinking in the mean time I really would like a personal calling card.  I l-o-v-e and want one of the ones from Kate Spade through Crane, above, but I've come across lots of other cool styles as well...


For the Modernist, from Mandate Press

In fact, part of our problem is that we don't want our business card to too strongly reflect one particular style, since we design in many styles, so maybe we just shouldn't have company cards, and instead all just have personal cards that have our company email addresses?

Above and below, from Brooklyn Social Cards, here.  The ones above would also be good for a Modernist, and I think the one below might rival the Kate Spades for my personal fave.

There's something wonderfully old-fashioned about the idea of having a calling card.  As if it is essential that you keep them handy because so many people you meet simply must see you again.  Way classier to hand over a calling card that have them enter your cell number in their phone, no?

Anna, from Rifle Paper Co., will create a cute little custom likeness of you for your calling card. 

Another modern option, from Etsy seller ReadyGo, here

A crafty one, for a crafty person (?), sewn (!) on to thick craft paper.  Also from ReadyGo


Don't love the font on this one, but do love the pattern!  And you can change the font.  And I bet you can get the chevron in the green she used on a notecard below, which I would prefer.  In fact I'd do font and color like the card below.  From Etsy seller Pixel Impress.


Listening To: The Morning Benders

Catchy enough to catch you without a good description from me, there's really nothing to dislike about their Strokes-meets-60s pop/rock.

But, it is interesting to know that they've been touring with Grizzly Bear, and their new album coming out March 9 was co-produced by producer and bassist of Grizzly Bear, Chris Taylor, who has also co-produced for TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors.  And I do love a good collaboration project!

Apolis Activism

This video is all-out wonderlust/wanderlust material... it inspires, well, exactly what the definition of wonderlust and wanderlust say.  I watched it and wanted to:

a) get involved with what Apolis Activism company is doing  -- creating high-quality, well-designed products that also have a positive impact on local economies
b) have a shop where I could sell products like this
c) travel to Nepal and take up road biking

Not only is the story inspiring, but the video itself is really beautiful and well-done.

TRANSIT ELITE from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.


Above and below, the big Apolis Activism collaborated with Filson (love) on and is producing in Uganda.



Below, the cycling sweater being discussed in the video and produced with Rapha.


And finally, I love their knit tie.

Not tootally sure how I feel about a chambray tie, but I think I feel good about it.

What a cool company, right??  I absolutely love the idea of a company that makes great products that is also making a difference in the world.  We need more of them!!

Apolis Activism here.
Rapha here.
Filson here.

discovered via... someone really cool - thank you!
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