Los Olivos

So we're just getting started with our next project, which is going to be an inn on the property of Mattei's Tavern in Los Olivos outside of Santa Barbara, and I thought I'd put together a little virtual inspiration board using the images from our actual inspiration binder! The hotel won't be finished for about two years, but you can start daydreaming about your wine country getaway now! We certainly are!

First, Mattei's Tavern:

Built as a stagecoach stop in 1886, this historic building that sits right at the edge of downtown Los Olivos is now one of the most popular restaurants in the Santa Ynez valley. Surrounding the restaurant are roughly 5 acres on which about 22 cottages, a pool, spa, and gym will be built. Here's are some images we're loving:

Love the palette, half and half curtains, and dark mullions in Stephen Knollenberg's Lake Michigan house.

From Ken Fulk's napa retreat, we want to borrow the niche of stacked wood and the brown ticking stripe on the upholstery- so casual and inviting, just like the little town of Los Olivos.

We like the idea of pillows with this clever hardware detail. In a town as horse and wine-loving as Los Olivos, a little hardware can add just the dose of equestrian that people want to see, without crossing the line into kitsch.

Wouldn't you love to dine outside in this rustic-yet-romantic setting with wine-country views? We plan on using LOTS of these Casamidy lanterns around the property for a dose of sexy amidst the charming historic architecture.

Among the many things that San Ysidro Ranch got right are their windows. We definitely want to incorporate these cute corner windows, as well as the clever ways they open. Notice the hinges at the top of the corner window-- they are awning windows that open out-- and the tracks on the other windows-- they slide!

Classic shutters and hardware are a must as well.


Modern Organic

Urban Hardwoods, based in Seattle, creates stunning furniture using reclaimed tree trunks and branches from the forrests of the Pacific Northwest.

This might be the coolest butcher's block I've ever seen:


Petit Tableau

From the photos of Yves Saint Laurent's apt that were everywhere a few months ago... I just ran back across it and I love it. I think this one image could inspire a whole room.

Recession Special

Discovered the Nate Berkus for HSN collection via So Haute! and some of this stuff is great!

Campaign Dreams

We have a project coming up in South Africa, and we recently came across this South African safari supply company, Melvill and Moon, that carries the coolest stuff! We don't plan on going too safari-ish with the design-- overdone, we think-- but I wouldn't mind adding a few of their items to my wardrobe/apartment for a rugged touch. I'm a sucker for anything campaign-related. And that leather bag is going straight to the top of my wishlist!

They carry a mix of luggage, campaign/safari pieces, and historic maps, engravings, photos, etc. Check them out here.


Pretty Planters

I usually don't get that excited about planters, but I love the stuff from Campo de' Fiori!

Discovered via Style Court.
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