Still Loving >> Vintage Suitcases as Decor

I'm not sure if this qualifies as an actual trend or just a personal fave, but either way, I'm definitely still loving it.

Above, from the home of Obedient Sons and Daughters couple Swaim and Christina Hutson, photographed by Todd Selby, posted on his blog The Selby.


Sometimes the line between trend and personal obsession is totally unclear for me, as I will have an obsession that I justify by making a mental note of every time I ever see it done, so to me, it starts to seem like it's everywhere, when in reality, it might just be because it's on my personal radar, ya know?

Then, this gets even more peculiar when I feel like I've seen something too many times and I hit my personal saturation point, and I feel like I'm over that obsession because then it seems like an overdone trend.  And all the while it might not have even been a real trend, I was just primed to seek out examples of it.

The two above are from the current issue Cottage Living magazine. Interestingly, I'd already written this post and saved it as a draft about three weeks before when I came across these images (thanks Ali!)-- so maybe it is a trend...

Finally, the apartment of Deborah Lloyd, the createive director of Kate Spade (is it possible to have a crush on a company?? Also, did you know Kate left the company in '07 and Lloyd has never even met her?).

I love not only the old suitcasees, but also pretty much everything else.  The art propped everywhere, the globes, the zebra touches, the hate box, even the pink.  And it's pretty brilliant that the pink is only on pillows, so if you got sick of the pink and switched out the pillows, the place would have a totally different feel.

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