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Infographics >> Taylor Swift

Absolutely hilarious in how true it is.  

But despite the overrepresentation of these cliches in her songs, I'm still a huge fan.

Shelf Appeal >> Kings County Distillery

Love the utter simplicity of the labeling for New York's oldest whiskey distillery.

Interiors >> In Plain Sight

Beautiful image, no?  As I get ready to move to San Francisco, I'm filing away little ideas to get a head start on dealing with the reality that I probably will not have the giant closets that Santa Barbara apartments have spoiled me with.  

The styling here is lovely, and suggests that if your luggage and footwear are beautiful, and you don't have a lot of closet space, why not just display them nicely? 

If you style your belongings that belong in the closet as though your apartment were a store, artfully arranging pieces, mixing clothing items in with other kinds of things, and keeping it all very tidy, I think you can get away with it. 

At least, I think this looks a lot more appealing than those plastic Bed, Bath, & Beyond storage numbers that are best suited for a dorm room.  (I'm not going to go on a rant here about B,B,&B b/c they do have many useful things, but the overwhelming masses of plaaastic (frosted plastic! pastel plastic! hot pink plastic!) in the place makes my skin crawl.)

LOVE the shoes all lined up in this pretty glass-front cabinet above, and the image below shoes a similar idea.  Why not use normal furniture as shoe/bag/jewelry storage?

Speaking of which, what ever happened to a good old-fashioned armoire for storing hanging clothes?

In addition to just shoes, bags, and jewelry, Jenna Lyons shows us that you can store clothes in plain sight with a basic garment rack...

Now, this is a little unfair considering the goals of this post because a) it belongs to Jenna Lyons and she might actually be an alchemist, and more importantly, b) this isn't a case of clothes stored in plain sight due to space restrictions, as in, they're-in-her-bedroom-because-her-closet-is-too-small, this IS her closet ("dressing room").  

However, I still submit this for your consideration, because you can just pretend this is in her bedroom, and you realize it would be very simple to pull off this look.  The only thing that gets too unruly here are the shoes, and luckily, I don't have a pair of heels in every color of the rainbow plus animal prints, so I probably won't have to worry about shoes overtaking my room like this.

Another lovely garment rack example.  Just keep it tidy and it looks fine.  

Like Jenna's dressing room, this is not actually an example of someone storing their clothes in their room because their closet is too small, this is actually the Billy Reid store in Florence, Alabama.  But it's still great inspiration for what styling can do!  

Moral of the story, I think if you have to store clothes in your room, you should just pretend your room is a boutique and that you're trying to make the merchandise look as appealing as possible!


Listening To >> Adele

This stopped me in my tracks.  And made my heart pound.

The first single, "Rolling in the Deep," off Adele's new album, to be released in January.

The seductively hazy, moody, leaves-you-wanting-more docu-style video was put together from studio footage from the recording sessions in Malibu, and the authentic style is perfectly suited to the soulful song, which she describes as "a dark, bluesy, gospel disco tune." I almost don't want there to be an official music video, I like this one!

For her second album, she paired up with big-time producers like Rick Rubin and Paul Epworth (Florence and the Machine, Cee-Lo, Phoenix), but don't let that fool you into thinking that maybe her personal style gets eclipsed by the visions of producers.  If this single is any indication, it is actually quite the opposite-- Rubin and Epworth brilliantly capture the power of her voice and pair it with instrumentals just as dynamic and bold as her vocals.

This is not the Adele you know from her previous radio hits. Check it out.

[images are stills from video]

Graphic Fix >> Ghostface

Arts Visuels >> New Anish Kapoor: Turning the World Upside Down

Anish Kapoor's new installation at Kensington Gardens, on view through March 13th.

Sky Mirror, red, 2006

C-Curve, 2007

Non-Object (Spire)

Check out the video to see the effect on the pieces of the clouds moving across the sky... the photos don't capture the fact that the pieces are always in flux due to the ever-changing sky.

Fashun >> Should be Emmanuelle Alt's Daughter's BFF

Burberry Kidssss

Emmanuelle Alt's daughter here.


Wonderment >> How to See the Secret, Abandoned City Hall Subway Station

This is soo From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basel E. Frankweiler!  

New Yorkers, you know how the 6 train ends at Brooklyn Bridge, and they say "Last stop, Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall"?  Well that stop is really only Brooklyn Bridge, and is not the original City Hall stop, and the original City Hall stop is actually this beautiful, magical place you see above, by far the most beautiful New York subway station ever made.  

But the City Hall station was closed decades ago, for reasons you can read about here, never to be seen by passengers again...  


If you stay on the 6 train after they say last stop at Brooklyn Bridge (which you ordinarily would never do, because if for some reason you did want to just head right back up town, you would cross the platform to the uptown side), the 6 has to pass through the City Hall station to turn around and head back uptown!  So if you just stay on for a few extra minutes, you can see the lost station!

How cool is that???  I feel like a little kid.  I'm dying to do it.

Well Said >> On Women

"Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; 
not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, 
but because they are themselves." 

-- Henri Frederic Amiel

Yes to All >> Steve McQueen


Graphic Fix >> Ill Studio

That right there was ON POINT y'all.

By Ill Studio out of Paris.

Listening To >> Empire of the Sun

PS- Thanks Fredi

Arts Visuels >> Baptiste Masse

I know.  I can't believe it either.  
A "smash hit," no?  Ah, what an awful pun, but I couldn't resist.

By Baptiste Masse.

Old Flame >> Vintage Matchbooks



Interiors >> Simple Pleasures

So many small pleasures to be found in this image...
good bread, a simple palette, a neatly organized cabinet, 
a beautiful armoire, olive oil in a pretty glass bottle.

Graphic Fix >> Drink About It >> Levy & McClellan

This is definitely a "yes to all."  Typeface for the name, website design, and sole ampersand as label (I do love a good ampersand).  Nailed on every level.   

Levy & McClelland website here.
Designed by Dan Miller.

Must See >> Stefan Sagmeister on "What he has learned."

Renowned designer/artist Stefan Sagmeister turns the things he's learned into public installations around the world.  Wise, clever, lovely.
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