Apolis Activism

This video is all-out wonderlust/wanderlust material... it inspires, well, exactly what the definition of wonderlust and wanderlust say.  I watched it and wanted to:

a) get involved with what Apolis Activism company is doing  -- creating high-quality, well-designed products that also have a positive impact on local economies
b) have a shop where I could sell products like this
c) travel to Nepal and take up road biking

Not only is the story inspiring, but the video itself is really beautiful and well-done.

TRANSIT ELITE from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.


Above and below, the big Apolis Activism collaborated with Filson (love) on and is producing in Uganda.



Below, the cycling sweater being discussed in the video and produced with Rapha.


And finally, I love their knit tie.

Not tootally sure how I feel about a chambray tie, but I think I feel good about it.

What a cool company, right??  I absolutely love the idea of a company that makes great products that is also making a difference in the world.  We need more of them!!

Apolis Activism here.
Rapha here.
Filson here.

discovered via... someone really cool - thank you!

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