Valentine's 2k10: Part III


Part III: Be My Valentine?

Above, the tiniest Valentines come in the tiniest boxes.  What isn't cuter in miniature?  Get a custom tiny letter from LeafCutter Designsvia Design*Sponge

If you're too behind schedule to send out homemade Valentine's now, you can send this online Valentine's postcard from Kate Spade (I'm telling you, she's a genius).

Click the jump for more Valentines

No, not more food, it's about the bag!  Printable templates from Twig & Thistle, a grand idea.   

Not really a Valentine, I just love the idea of this tandem umbrella made for two.  (I had found it on amazon but it seems to have disappeared.)

Paper flower Valentines by EmersonMade


(These are also their paper flowers.) via Design*Sponge

H&M's Valentine's packaging is pretty cute.

Re-purposed matchboxes!

I thought there was nothing better than a love letter, but a love letter necklace just might be.
[Cannot for the life of me remember where these last two images came from, but I re-found the necklace here.]

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